Sunday, July 14, 2013

Paris Again

For a change this time our planned trip didn't have any glitches and we were ready to roll. Knowing that our trip would be hectic we boarded our plane to reach our destination Holland with a stopover at Paris just for a day. Paris stopover was just for the kids so that they could enjoy the most visited theme park in Europe - Disneyland. As soon as we landed, we dumped our luggage in the hotel and rushed to Disney World. Thankfully we had checked the weather forecast beforehand and knew that it was going to be a wet holiday for us and were fully geared with raincoats for the kids.

Is it ever possible that kids go to Disneyland and don’t have a blast… Come hail, rain or storm the kids had a great time. It was our first trip to Disneyland so let alone the kids, we were also soooo excited. The only thing the rain spoilt for us was the fireworks that got cancelled. We took park hopping tickets for both the parks and honestly we all had a blast seeing all the Disney characters come to life. Disneyland was a first for all of us. I am sure the kids were excited but am also certain the look on my face was equally awe stricken.

We all returned back to our hotel completely tired and exhausted and the journey’s sleep deprivation, the whole day’s walk and jet lag all kicked in at the same time and we all slept like babies. Next day we were ready to take our flight to Amsterdam.