Monday, May 23, 2011

The last destination of Switzerland - Geneva

After travelling from Paris to Laussane, Zurich, Engleburg, Interlaken; finally we reached our last destination Geneva. This is for the first time we traveled to so many places in one trip. Since we reached in the evening we didn’t have much time to see the place however one landmark that I definitely didn’t want to miss was the one of the largest fountain in the world the Jet d Eau. This fountain jets out 500 liters of water per second at an altitude of 140 meters and at a speed of 200 km per hour. It truly is a spectacular sight.

This magnificent fountain was the perfect closing ceremony to our beautiful, adventurous and unforgettable trip. A memory and an unforgettable experience that will stay in our hearts forever and with that we headed back home to Nigeria.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Picturesque Interlaken

During our journey through Switzerland, the days were spent sight seeing and the evenings travelling. The picturesque view from Engelburg to Interlaken was truly breathtaking. It looked as if we were either a part of a grandiose painting or partaking a role of a passerby in a fairly tale. Beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, mountains with waterfall, small medieval looking houses, cattle ranches, leveled lush greenery all around and when it rained, it looked like the trees and grass had been washed and a lawn mower went all over the land and mountains. The view was simply splendid.

Although the journey was taking a toll on us, our spirits weren’t dampened a bit. Our next check point was Jungfrau but due to rain, bad weather conditions and low visibility it did dampen our plans. It’s really nice that you can see the mountain top on TV, that too live and seeing that almost nothing was visible on TV we decided that it was not worth the effort.

So we roamed around the town, soaked in the beauty that was all around us and of course bought the sought after cuckoo clock. After dinner we retired back to our rooms and prepared for our last journey to Geneva.