Friday, April 30, 2010

Planning... lots of planning....

As some of you know that I have been planning a trip to my dream destination – Australia, for the last 3 years. Somehow every time I tried to make a plan to go to Australia, something would happen and my plans  would not leave the realm of dreams to transgress into reality. When we were in Sri Lanka, we were making plans to go there and suddenly Aakaash’s official trip came up for London and we packed our bags and “Hellooo London” it was! By the time we finalised our plans from Cambodia, it was time for us to leave Cambodia. So finally after waiting for 3 long years now was the time to go to “Down Under”.
For a change we were well prepared to go to Australia since I had already put in a lot of research to it. All the tickets, hotels, car rentals etc were booked and the only thing remaining was to reach there.
Aakaash wanted to fly to Australia directly but knowing that there was a time difference of 10 hours and flying time of 26 hours including the break at Dubai, I definitely was not interested in exhausting us totally. As usual the planner won and we decided to make a stopover in Delhi, celebrate his birthday with parents and fly to Australia. The trip proved to be hectic but the experience was indeed awesome.